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Emotional Eating Counseling

Individual Counseling for Emotional Eating in Chicago, Illinois

Are you worried about your relationship with food?

Everyone seems to have advice and guidance about how to break the cycle of emotional eating. But you are ready for practical steps tailored to the stresses you face on a daily basis.

Free yourself from the cycle of emotional eating.

Binge-Eating and Emotional Eating Counseling can help you:

Free yourself from the cycle of emotional eating.

Binge-Eating and Emotional Eating Counseling can help you:
  • Free yourself of your harsh inner critic
  • Honor your body, mind, and spirit on a daily basis
  • Implement strategies to forge a new relationship with food
  • Reduce your anxiety and feelings of shame
  • Understand the connection between binge-eating and alcohol use
  • Develop a vision of lifelong wellness
  • Create a plan to engage in radical self-care
  • Build inner resources to face the stresses of life
  • Heal past wounds that are self-medicated by eating

Here's how:

You can change your relationship with food.

Many people battle with the urge to self-sooth through eating and drinking hopeless in thinking they can do anything about it. Through professionally supported, comprehensive counseling you can learn to change intrusive thought patterns resulting in behavior that better aligns with a healthy lifestyle.

Discover inner resources to mobilize in times of stress.

We are at our most vulnerable when our anxiety is at its highest making it easy to turn to unwanted eating patterns. Changing behavior for the better starts with really addressing the internal conversations that we have with ourselves and leveraging established therapeutic strategies.

Feel a sense of peace and calm.

One of the benefits of our integrative approach is that your health and well-being will also improve, empowering you to feel comfortable in your life again. Sleep well at night and wake up to a feeling of ease.

Illuminate resilience that you alone possess.

Even though friends, family members, and books offer well-intentioned advice, it's important to start with what YOU want. We understand that you are the expert of your life and relationship. We will explore the challenges you face today by understanding the history of your relationship. Through this process, we will illuminate opportunities for you to create a healthy future.

Your goals inform the path forward.

Every situation you've been through and every emotion you feel helps us understand what will help. Our counselors work to understand your vision for the future while attending to your fears about the present. Textbook recommendations don't take your specific relationship into consideration. Before recommending strategies, we will explore your hopes and concerns about what is possible.

Intuitive eating starts with collaboration.

There is no reason for you to make this journey alone and, together with a binge eating specialist, you will work toward improving how you relate to the food you eat. You will be working with a skilled professional that has worked with others that have struggled with binge eating and can provide insights based on this experience.

You get a plan tailored to you.

While similarities can be drawn across the wide spectrum of individuals that have struggled with binge eating, each person has a unique story that will serve as the foundation of the work that is done.

You deserve the freedom to live the life you want.

Your relationship to food has held you back long enough, when you are ready to embrace the change that is needed to improve your life you will open the door to experiences that you may have missed out on in the past. We are offering you more than a chance to break away from a bad habit but, the chance to move toward the life you have always wanted. We are here to help. Contact us to get started today.

Frequently asked questions about counseling for binge-eating and emotional overeating:

Q. What is binge-eating?
Binge-eating is the experience of eating too much and feeling like you can’t stop - even if you are uncomfortably full. Afterwards, you feel overwhelmed by guilt. You may find that you eat quickly, even if you aren’t hungry. People who struggle with binge eating and emotional overeating frequently struggle with feeling like they are out-of-control. This leads to feelings of low self-worth, anxiety, and shame.
Q. Can counseling help me?
Yes. There is a large body of research that spans over years of practice that supports the use of therapeutic intervention in treating a wide range of eating disorders. Through the utilization of established therapeutic strategies you will receive professional support toward making significant improvements in your life.
Q. Are you going to tell me what to eat and when?
The goal will be to develop healthy eating patterns that provide your body consistent nutritional intake to maintain a healthy weight. While there will be some initial guidelines that will be suggested around what and when to eat, you will become more intuitive about why you are eating.
Q. I think there is a relationship between my eating and alcohol use. Can you help me understand this?
Our counseling team specializes in the connection between eating behavior and alcohol use. We find that sometimes people who go into alcohol recovery engage in binge-eating and that some people only binge-eat when they are drinking. We will help you understand the sequence of triggers so that you can develop a path of wholeness.
Q. How do I get started?
You can schedule an appointment by calling (312) 715-8234. Our Client Services Coordinator will answer your questions and match you with the best counselor to meet your needs.
If you want to curb your binge eating disorder, contact us now to find out how we can help.

Emotional Eating Counseling for the 60603 area.

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